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Tyler & Rebecca Wedding Registry Items

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This is a wedding registry listing for Tyler and Rebecca. I have listed each item that they are requesting separately, so that friends and family can pick and choose what they would like to get them. They have requested a six person 6 piece dinnerware set. Each item is listed below, and a sample photo is included. I am making a sample set for this and when it is ready I will update the listing photo so you can see the actual pieces, the set shown currently is similar to their set but not exact.

Clay color - Sand colored stoneware
Glaze color- White gloss glaze on most, also french grey and light blue on accent pieces, items are partially glazed.

Dinner Plates, straight sides, white glaze (6 requested / 2 remaining, $75 each) 11" diameter x .5" height

Salad Plates, straight sides, white glaze (6 requested / 4 remaining, $45 each) 8" diameter x .5" height

Large Tapered Out Bowls, light blue glaze (6 requested / 6 remaining , $55 each) 7.5" diameter x 2.75" height

Small Tapered Out Bowls, white glaze (6 requested / 4 remaining, $30 each) 4.5" diameter x 3.5" height

Cups, Tapered In Shape, white glaze (6 requested / 0 remaining, $25 each) 3.25" diameter x 4" height

Mugs, straight shape, low handle, french grey glaze (6 requested / 4 remaining, $35 each) 3.25" diameter x 3" height

Salad Bowl with french grey glaze (1 requested / 1 remaining, $150 each) 11" diameter x 3.5" height

Vase with light blue glaze (1 requested / 1 remaining, $100 each) approximately 4" diameter x 7" height

Pourer with french grey glaze (1 requested / 1 remaining, $30 each) 2.5" diameter x 4" height

All items will be made after Tyler and Rebecca decide it is time to close the listing and finalize the design of the set. All items will be shipped together when the set is complete.

I will attempt to manually update this listing so it is easier for you to see what items are remaining but the listing will update automatically as items are purchased. If you have any questions as you order, please feel free to email me- My name is Shelley, I am the owner/maker at

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dish set 2 copy.jpg
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