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custom urn (pet urn or infant urn or partial adult ashes urn) - I

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Please note there is a 4 week lead time for all orders. All items are made to order.

Custom urn for use as pet urn or cremation urn for human ashes (infant / child ashes or typically only partial adult ashes for this shape). I create each custom pottery urn as a special forever vessel for the cremated remains of your loved one. Each piece is made with love and customized to your requests to honor and remember in personalized and meaningful way.

This listing is for the Straight Shape Urn (cork lid and gold infill in the stamp included in the price) with various customization options described below. To customize, please select your option choices from the form that should appear as you order.

The urn shown in the first photo is porcelain clay with slate glaze and shown with a requested gold infilled heart stamp over the name on the front side with dates on the back side. (this urn is a size medium-large, cork lid, gold accent in heart, and font F1 and glaze in text) You can customize the urn purchased with this listing using the info below.

- Select a SIZE, use the size chart below for recommedations
- Select the EXTRA TEXT if you would like to have text on the back side of the urn. The character count limit is listed in the size chart. Please be sure your requested quote is not a copyright protected quote or phrase. No song lyrics, etc.
- This listing includes the GOLD accent in the pricing. This is a real gold luster fired onto the clay that can be painted in to most of stamp shapes (like the hearts and paws), but not into any of the text or smaller detailed stamp shapes.
- Write the NAME and DATES written exactly as you'd like it impressed on the front
- Write the optional EXTRA TEXT for the back side of the urn written exactly as you would like them.
- Pick your selected CLAY COLOR, GLAZE COLOR (for upper portion), and TEXT COLOR. See the color palette in the listing photos for the color options. If you don’t specify I will assume you will like it as shown in the main listing photo.
- Pick any of the optional STAMP selections if you'd like it. This listing includes the cost of the gold luster. Please select a different listing if you did not want the stamp.
….Customizations beyond these are possible, please message me if you have a special idea you'd like to discuss and learn the pricing.

Extra Small (XS): 3" x 3" (For pre-cremation weight up to 5 pounds (2.3 KG), approximate volume is 5 cubic inches or 2.8 fluid ounces)(50 character limit for the quote side, with about 15 characters for the name side, character count includes spaces between words)

Small (S): 3.5" x 3.5" (For pre-cremation weight up to 20 pounds (9 KG), approximate volume is 20 cubic inches or 11 fluid ounces)(75 character limit for the quote side, with about 18 characters for the name side, character count includes spaces between words)

Medium (M): 4" D x 5" H (For pre-cremation weight up to 40 pounds (18.2 KG), approximate volume is 40 cubic inches or 22 fluid ounces) (100 character limit for the quote side, with about 20 characters for the name side, character count includes spaces between words) (Please note this has a taller proportion than the other sizes in this listing)

Medium Wide (MW): 4.5" D x 4.5" H (For pre-cremation weight up to 40 pounds (18.2 KG), approximate volume is 40 cubic inches or 22 fluid ounces) (100 character limit for the quote side, with about 20 characters for the name side, character count includes spaces between words)

Medium Large: 6.5" Height x 4.25" Diameter (For pre-cremation weight up to 60 pounds (27 KG), approximate volume is 60 cubic inches or 33 fluid ounces (up to 150 characters for the quote side, character count includes spaces between words)

Large: 8" H x 4.5" D (For pre-cremation weight up to 90 pounds (41 KG), approximate volume is 90 cubic inches or 50 fluid ounces (up to 200 characters for the quote side, character count includes spaces between words)

(Occasionally I will turn off the size extra large size when I am unable to make that size. Use shop sections to filter listings)

Each urn is handmade by myself, Shelley Martin, on my pottery wheel in my Portland Oregon studio. All sizes and proportions are approximate and will vary slightly as they are all handmade. The urns are fully customized to your specifications for clay color, glaze color, and text on the front and back using various hand impressed individual letter and shape stamps and other tools. Then they are glazed on the inside, and on the upper portion of the outside (the lower portion will remain unglazed). The lid (either cork or ceramic) will be custom fit to opening, but I recommend you secure urn the cork with clear silicon sealant or quick dry epoxy. I also recommend using a small bag to hold the ashes within the urn if you choose not to seal the lid onto the urn. In general, there is no difference between the human urns and the pet urns, I keep the listings separate to help with the search algorithms but feel free to order whichever urn you would like for your loved one.

My sizing recommendation in the chart above is based off of customer feedback after years of making these custom urns. The ash volume does seem to vary by crematorium and location, but I have tried to size the urns based off of feedback of what has worked best for most customers. If possible, please double check your urn size selection using both my recommended pre-cremation weight, and also measure the cubic inches (length x width x height of ashes not including the container) of the ashes you have already received or ask the crematorium what size you will need. If you are close to the maximum volume of the urn I would recommend ordering a larger size urn if you want to ensure that the ashes fit. Ash volume can vary and might not calculate to the approximate 1 cubic inch of volume equals 1 pound of pre-cremation weight that is the standard conversion. For Hydro Cremation, there will be 20% more volume of ashes and please multiply 1.2 to the pre-cremation weight to select the urn size. I would always suggest ordering one size up if you have any concerns about the urn size. Sizing is included in my satisfaction guarantee, please contact me if you have any issues with urn sizing after you have received your custom urn.

These are Made to Order and take me between 2-4 weeks to make. Generally I cannot expedite the orders as I make all of the urns from scratch and the pottery making, drying, and firing process all takes time. I will make all of my orders as quickly as possible in the order received.

I have added an option for colored text and stamps, please select this option if you would also like the glaze to be infilled into just the recessed text impression and stamp impressions (with the surrounding clay still remaining unglazed. This works best when the glaze and clay are contrasting colors. There is no charge for this option and you can select your choice of colors for the text glaze. I cannot infill text with gold. On the lighter colored porcelain clay, a darker glaze in the text might leave some residue on the surrounding clay around the text from the text glaze application process. I am happy to only glaze some of the text and stamps, please just specify your preference.

For a GALLERY of other urns that I have made, please visit my website at or feel free to browse my etsy shop. Please contact me if you would like information on how to customize one of these listings to look like an urn from my gallery. I can help you select the best listing and other customization notes.

I stand behind all of the pieces that I make, and if you have any issues with the urn sizes compared to the volume of ashes that you have, delivery of the urn, or if you are disappointed with the urn for any reason, please contact me. I aim to make every customer happy as I intend the urns to be pieces that you will keep and cherish forever. It is most important to me that you end up happy with your urn, even if I need to remake the piece for you. Please contact me to discuss how to resolve any concerns.

Only one code can be used at a time, and needs to be entered during checkout process. I cannot process codes or offer discounts after you check out.

**For INSTAGRAM followers- I have a 15% off coupon code listed in the profile page of my instagram page. Please follow me and use the discount during check out for 15% off.

**For purchasing MULTIPLE urns- use the coupon code "multipleurn" or "multiple25" (for orders under $100) for 25% off. This can be used for purchasing multiple urns at the same time or for repeat customers who have previously purchased an urn from me.

**For FREE PICK UP or FREE SHIPPING in Portland Oregon, use coupon code "pdxlocal" and let me know if you wanted to come by my Alberta Street gallery for pick up (I am usually open one or two days a week)

These are handmade and do not have industrial perfection. small imperfections are all a part of these handmade pieces. These glazes are food safe and lead free. as with all handmade ceramics, I do not recommend putting them in the microwave, oven or dishwasher. They are handmade of very limited quantity, so please use them with care. avoid contact with staining foods on unglazed exterior surfaces.

vitrifiedstudio is a tiny one person ceramics studio in Portland Oregon. All purchases will be shipped as soon as they are ready. there are no guarantees on when it will be delivered, but I will do my best to make the pieces as quickly as possible.

all designs, images and content copyright © vitrifiedstudio 2011-17. all rights reserved.

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