vitrifiedstudio online shop FAQ


Q- Do you have a photo of all of the colors?

A- here you go!



Q- Are the items shown in the shop the only items you have available?

A- No, visit the vitrifiedstudio etsy shop if you are looking for personalized pottery like urns, vases, canisters, bottles, etc. My newest work is available in my gallery in Portland Oregon, and when I have time I list pieces online via the website online shop, but I also use the vitrifiedstudio etsy site mostly for my custom urns and jars. The urn listings on the etsy shop are more specific, and offer a wider selection.


Q- Do you ship to other countries besides the USA and Canada?

A- I have activated shipping to the following countries: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Austria. If it doesn't seem to be working please just email me and I will try to fix it.

If you are really hoping to get your hands on some vitrifiedstudio and you live in a country that is not listed, you can try my Etsy shop, that has more countries activated for shipping, or you can email me to discuss.


Q- Shipping costs seem high, can you ship for less?

A- Generally shipping handmade heavy ceramics is more expensive than you would expect. I try to package everything very well so I don't have any breakage during shipping. But the shipping is calculated automatically based on box size, weight, and your zip code, and sometimes I can find a cheaper rate if I ship via UPS ground, so please email me if you are trying to purchase multiple items or a large set and shipping costs just seem too high.


Q- Can I pick up locally if I am in Portland Oregon?

A- Yes! I have a coupon code for free local pick up, it is PDXLOCAL. If you can't find where to put the code, you can email me after you order and let me know you'd like a local pick up. I have a location in North East Portland near Alberta Street that I can offer pick-ups. 


Q- Can I have a discount?

A- Sure! I occasionally offer discounts to my social media followers, and you might find a code in my social media profile page. I would suggest following on instagram because facebook does not always share my posts with everyone who follows me. But I love doing flash sales and I usually only announce those flash sales on social media. If you have trouble using a coupon code, please let me know before you order. I also offer seconds on my etsy shop, sometimes those are heavily discounted.


Q- Can you customize, or offer a set made of multiple colors?

A- Most likely, yes if its for a set. No, if its for a small item in a small quantity. If you email me I can see what I can do to get you the customization that you'd like. They might add an additional cost to the item depending on the complexity of the request.


Q- I really can't decide by the online photos, do you have retail shop?

A- Yes! Come visit me at 5001 NE 30th Ave, Portland Oregon. It is right at Alberta Street in NE Portland. My hours are listed here. I am only open a few days a week.


Q- Do you do sell in bulk?

A- Not currently. I have stopped all of my wholesale orders as I am currently focusing on one of a kind custom pieces. I have discounts for full dish sets and other full sets, but I don't generally sell in bulk.


Q- Is the tea pot shown on the website cover page for sale?

A- Not yet, but I hope to make a few more that are sell-able soon. The first round of tea pots that I made all had flaws which made them all not sell-able.


Q- My question isn't here! .....

A- Email me at or use the contact form here if you have any more questions!  Thanks so much.... Shelley.